A game that loves animals and the environment

You will never look at a chicken,
cow or any other
animal in the same way again.

what is

lola loves the sky

A card game

Did you know just how clever pigs are? And just how much cows love their babies?

Lola Loves the Sky is a card game for the whole family to play and learn together ! You’ll find out all kinds of amazing facts about the animals that lots of humans eat every single day. All you have to do is guess the right answers to the questions! There are plenty of surprises thrown in, like jokers, to keep you on your toes. The more you get right, the more animals you save from the farm, and the more animals get to see the sky


lola loves the sky

Because our ethical values are strong

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Because we love animals

At Lola Loves the Sky, we’re on the animals’ side. We believe that a peaceful, harmonious world would be a better place for all of us! The aim of this fun game is to show every single person, from 8 to 80, just why all animals deserve love and hugs, not knives and forks.

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We love this beautiful planet we call home, but most people who eat meat and dairy have no idea of the impact animal farming has on it. With a bit of education, with the help of all the mind-boggling facts squeezed into the game, and a bit of love, we believe we can save our home before it’s too late!

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Because we care about our health

There are all kinds of nasty things hidden in meat and dairy products that do our bodies damage. We’d love all humans to treat their bodies like the temples they are! That starts with education about what’s on their plate, and we believe playing is the best way to learn!


lola loves the sky


Since she is a little kid, Hila has always loved being around animals and drawing them, but it took her a long time to realize that her diet was harmful to them. One day, she read a book – Eating animals – that turned her head and put her on the vegan path, and she never looked back! From then on, she wanted to find a way to get the vegan message across to children, and came up with the idea of a cards game ! When not working as a graphic designer or travelling, she devotes her free time spreading vegan passion through discussions and activism.

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