5 Educational Tools for Vegan Parents

Are you a parent or educator on a mission to save the planet, the animals and your family’s health? Are you living a cruelty-free life and would you like to teach your little ones to do the same? Books and games are a great way to share your knowledge and compassion with your kids, while having a great time with them.
Out of the many educational tools available, we created a list of five of our favorites – and we couldn’t resist adding our own vegan quiz card game. From adorable books for kids to a nutritional guide to a card game, your kids will love exploring these tools with you!

1 – For the smallest ones: V is for Vegan

There are many vegan kids books out there, but V is for Vegan is definitely one of the best ones for kids between 3 and 7 years old. The book is beautifully decorated by illustrator and author Ruby Roth and is written in a fun ABC- style.“D is for Dairy! Moo! Milk is for Cows!” By using easy rhymes, the author manages to present serious facts in a way that both kids and parents will remember and enjoy. The beautifully decorated pages include facts about vegan food, animal rights and all sides of veganism: Animal rights, the environment, and delicious vegan food.  

2 – For the little ones: Steven The Vegan

Our second favroite is Steven the Vegan. This adorable book, written by Dan Bodenstein and beautifully illustrated by Ron Robrahn, is ideal for school kids. In the book, the readers join little Steven and his classmates on a field trip to an animal sanctuary. On the sanctuary, Steven tells his classmates that he doesn’t consume animals, and explains them why. The story includes facts about animals, it explains where our food comes from, and why a vegan lifestyle is the best choice for the animals, our environment and the animals.

We love how the story introduces the sweet animals behind our food and teaches kids about veganism by having them learn from another kid: Steven. Especially for kids being the only vegan in their class, it can be difficult to communicate their beliefs. This book is a great tool for parents to teach children about veganism, but also for vegan children to learn how to handle themselves at school and in social situations.

3 – For early readers: That’s Why we Don’t eat Animals

Our third favorite is again a book, and again written and decorated by Ruby Roth. When kids grow a bit older and start to understand short and easy to read texts, this book is a great resource for them. The book is mostly animal-focused and teaches early readers, again with beautiful decorations, about animal rights. The main aim of the book is to teach readers compassion for all animals, including the poor victims of factory farming. The book clearly explains that all animals have feelings, emotions, and families, just like us. We believe that compassion is incredibly important for the world to move forward, and this book helps us develop more of it.  

4 – Ideal for families: Simple Happy Kitchen

Our fourth favorite is a book that shows, in a beautifully positive and fun way, that a healthy vegan diet doesn’t have to be complicated to follow at all. Simple Happy Kitchen is a relatively new book by Mikki Mottes, that provides an easy to follow nutritional guide for vegan families. A vegan diet can often be overwhelming, especially for those without any experience. Worries from others can cause confusion: Where do you get your proteins from? What about B12? And iron? Simple Happy Kitchen has all the answers and presents them in the easiest way possible. No long texts, complicated charts, and confusing numbers, just cute little illustrations and smiling veggies who show you that a vegan diet is way easier than you thought.

5- Lola Loves the Sky: Teenagers and adults

Last but not least, our educational vegan game will be available this year. The game, Lola Loves the Sky, was developed by illustrator Hila Gersztenkorn and aims at offering a fun and playful way to educate older kids, teenagers and adults about all aspects of a vegan lifestyle: animal agriculture, the environment, and our health. The game is full of fun decorations of cute animals and educational facts. With every quiz question answered correctly, players save an animal from the farm. Did you know that many types of candy are made out of pigs skin and bone? After playing this game you will have learned many interesting facts that will help you make conscious consumption choices.

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